Face Mask Care Instruction

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Eva & Elle collection now includes reusable, washable & filtered Face Masks  with HELIX.iso™Filter


About the Filter

The HELIX.iso™ Filter Media is made in New Zealand from wool fibres from Lanaco, an Auckland based company. Eva & Elle have teamed up with Lanaco to offer NZ Made Face Mask with HELIX.iso™Filter Media.


Care Instructions 


Fit the Face Mask snugly against the face & seal at the nose bridge with the nose wire

Secure it with the ear loops

When fitting a new HELIX.iso™Filter Media, align the pointed tip of the HELIX.iso™ Filter Media to the Face Mask body for higher performance

The Face Mask is fitted with nose bridge wire & replaceable if damaged.

Face Mask should be routinely washed depending on the frequency of use

When removing the Face Mask, safely remove without touching eyes, nose and mouth and wash hands immediately after removing. 

NZ Made Face Mask with HELIX.iso™ Filter Media 




Eva & Elle NZ Made Face Mask are washable, reusable & filtered

We use 100% Cotton or Linen fabric for easy breathing

The nose bridge is wired to fit snugly on the face

The HELIX.iso™ Filter Media used in the mask, filters 80% of particles  down to 0.3 microns in size 

The HELIX.iso™ wool filter is designed to be more than twice as easy to breathe through than the standard rectangular masks.

The HELIX.iso™Filter is made from the iconic kiwi sheep (Astino™) 


We accept no returns or exchange for Face Mask & Filters.  This product is sterlised using a hair dryer and safely packed. Thank you for your support by purchasing our NZ Made product proudly made by our artisans.  Stay safe


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