Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy 2021


 With a few days to go before Christmas, we wanted to write a short note to thank our customers, well-wishers, friends, suppliers and our families who have supported our business both online or in-store. 

 This year has been a very unusual year for all of us and we’ve learnt a lot this year besides some new words (like coronavirus, social distancing, unprecedented, face coverings etc). However, It's a time to thank and celebrate with family & friends as we approach Christmas and the year-end. 

 As for our business this is how we managed through the difficult year..….

 With about 10 months in the business we got hit with Covid.19 as we were nearing to complete a year in the new business. Startup businesses are never easy with many challenges and responsibilities to achieve milestones and more importantly if you own a family business. However, with Covid.19 we changed our vision and re-aligned to survive, revive and thrive both personally & professionally. 

Our eclectic collection included a few new products to survive in business. Besides NZ made Little Dresses for children along with accessories, we soon decided to make reusable face masks. We came across Lanaco who manufactured Helix.iso filters in New Zealand and we made an immediate decision to work along with the manufacturer using the NZ wool filters to offer NZ made reusable face masks with Helix.iso filters and nose wires.

 While the country was in lockdown, we worked on the design to support the community locally and overseas, With so many unknowns and being in a bubble it gave us the time to work closely on the product. The local response for the new product was awesome both Online & In-Store. I must confess, these products are never easy to make if you have to cut hundreds of the same by hand without a cutting machine, but we stuck to it and wanted to serve the community and revive our business. The long hours and efforts and brilliant support especially from family & friends was excellent. I especially would like to commend Nadia, a year 10 student who made a huge contribution and picked up various responsibilities to keep things moving. It's her calmness, dedication and interest in learning new stuff which was commendable along with the understanding of the need to contribute to the community at a crucial time. 

 We are back in-store and online now and it feels great to be out and doing things and talking to the customers and well-wishers both in-store and online. The small talk and messages both in-store and online motivates us to understand our customer's needs and offer the best we can.  

 As 2020 comes to a close, we want to say a big thank you and hope you have a joyful Christmas and a happy & healthy 2021. We would like to Congratulate the giveaway winners and all the participants for their time . Stay safe and enjoy the moment. 



Eva & Elle Team